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There’s never been a more important time for businesses and public buildings to have clear and informative signage on their premises. With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting all areas of running a company, it’s vital that restrictions and requirements for customers, staff and other traders are not only visible, but clear in their instructions.

The trouble for many companies is how they display this information when guidelines change on a regular basis. Businesses don’t want to commit to permanent signage for the restrictions in place, and anything obviously too temporary or handwritten is likely to have very little impact or be missed completely. There is a middle ground, however.

A series of professional self-adhesive signs gives the business comfort that their instructions and information are displayed with clarity and visual impact, meaning the potential for people to stick to guidelines more closely.

For more standard items like hand washing and what to do if you are showing symptoms, a self-adhesive sign for a wall, window or door will last a considerable amount of time. For more changeable aspects such as keeping your distance, wearing face masks and product or service restrictions for example, self-adhesive signs can be cost-effectively replaced and easily removed from the surface with no damage.

But it’s not just for Covid-19 information that self-adhesive signs are a useful tool. In many places directions or information are needed on building floors, with the options then being either a sign or a more expensive paint job. They also solve problems where hanging notices are either impractical or dangerous. Shops, factories, warehouses and public buildings with a large throughflow of people and goods can’t really hang multiple pictures on walls that can easily be knocked and cause damage or injury.

So, if you do need a series of no-smoking, directions, section and aisle markers, fire safety guidelines or floor markings, then self-adhesive signs provide a simple solution for everything.
We work with a range of businesses on creating a package of signs that not only solve their Covid-Secure requirements, but also provide a practical, easy and inexpensive way of displaying the key information they need. As well as stock signs, we help customers with the design of more tailored imagery that are specific to their business.

If you are a new company setting up, or an established business needing a better solution, you know where we are.