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We know from experience just how important the uniforms and equipment are to a martial arts school and its instructors. Having access to good equipment for teaching can make or break a club’s success and have a big impact on the engagement and enjoyment of the sport for the students.

Martial arts schools are under financial pressures of course, now perhaps more than in previous years, so engaging the students and offering a high-quality experience can really make the difference for securing the money needed to keep going.

A good standard of equipment is the first step, and it’s important for clubs and instructors to find ways of buying things that will last without breaking the bank. It’s a real balance, but low-quality equipment could come back to haunt you further down the line with replacement and fixing costs.

It’s also a reputational point too, as word can get around about which classes use poor equipment and which have committed to providing items that will last and are recommended by the relevant associations.

And it’s on reputation that the second step really comes in, and that’s having your brand on the equipment and uniforms. Some may be concerned about additional costs, but in reality it can be more enticing for your students to buy these items through you if they have the branding of the martial arts school on – rather than everyone buying off the shelf elsewhere.

This could not only be a good way of securing funding for the school, but it’s also a great way of making people feel more part of the club. Having people proud to be a member can pay dividends for them staying and training longer and encouraging others to do so, as well as promoting the school’s brand more widely.

However you choose to move forward, it’s best to speak to a business who knows martial arts inside and out – who can help you decide the best equipment, who will charge you fairly because they want to see clubs succeed, and who understand the real value of branding when it comes to building the dedication to the school from all involved.