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Perhaps more than ever, this Christmas will be about putting a smile on people’s faces. A novelty festive gift can do just that and really brighten up your family Christmas.

In many ways it’s never been harder to find the right present for someone, so finding something that no-one else will get them – or if they haven’t given you any help with ideas – is a great way to make your gift stand out.

And the best thing about gifts like this is they work for any member of your family, your friends or colleagues. You just have to find the right design that will make that person laugh. So here’s some ideas.

It could be a novelty t-shirt or hoodie to wear on Christmas day, or a fun jumper for a work party, there’s plenty of reasons to have a bit of fun this Christmas.

Your kids might have a favourite superhero, tv character or sports team and you want a unique design that you know they’ll love. If the perfect style isn’t available that you can find, there are places (like Ninja printing) where you can make your own idea come to life instead for a present they will love.

You might even want to make a full set for your family, or perhaps a group of friends or colleagues. Matching designs or personalised themes make a great present for everyone in a group, bringing people you love together.

It doesn’t have to be clothing of course. You can put a personalised touch on the family stockings over your fireplace, present sacks for the little ones, or a unique apron for the Christmas dinner chef! Whatever you need, there’s a gift that can be made.

So why struggle for an ‘ok’ present off the shelf just to tick that person off your gift list, when you can design something yourself that you know they will like or that will make them smile. Show someone you care with something different and personal.